Save Energy. Save Money. Save Now.

If you are a PECO electric customer, your home may benefit from a PECO Smart House Call

PECO Smart House Call provides an unbiased evaluation of your home and offers home energy solutions that can save you energy and money, and improve your home’s performance all year long.

Energy Assessment

For $50 (a $150 value), a certified Energy Advisor will provide a visual inspection of your home to identify energy-saving opportunities.

You also may receive these energy-saving products at no additional cost:

Energy-saving light bulbs

Energy-saving light bulbs

Energy-saving power strip

Energy-saving power strip

Low-flow showerhead

Low-flow showerhead(s)
(electric water heating customers only)

Kitchen and Bathroom aerator

Kitchen and Bathroom aerator(s)(electric water heating customers only)

Energy Audit*

For $100 (a $300 value), we will provide you everything included in the energy assessment.

Plus, energy audits also include an additional diagnostic test to locate and measure air leaks in your home.

Energy saving light bulbs

You may also be eligible for additional energy savings rebates based on your audit findings.

Energy saving light bulbs

This program has a list of qualified contractors you can select from to receive efficiency upgrades, with fixed pricing for each recommended measure.

After your energy assessment or energy audit is completed, you will receive a personalized report with recommendations for your home to help you capture additional energy savings.

Schedule your PECO Smart House Call today to start saving energy and money!1-888-5-PECO-SAVE (1-888-573-2672)

*You must be a PECO electric HEAT customer or a PECO electric customer with Central Air Conditioning to be eligible for an Energy Audit.

Certain program restrictions apply. Only one PECO Smart House Call assessment/audit per residence. You must be a PECO residential electric customer to participate. Rebate amounts and this program are subject to change, including termination, without prior notice.